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                                              Tourist guide
                                              Major scenic spots


                                              • Chibi ancient battlefield

                                                Chibi ancient battlefield is located in the northwest of Chibi, Hubei City, 38 kilometers away from Wuhan City, 164 kilometers, is located in the intersection of the Three Gorges tourist line and trav
                                              • Chibi City, the Lushui Lake Scenic Area

                                                Lushui Lake scenic area is located in Hubei Xianning Chibi City Lushui Lake Avenue No. 646, is a national key scenic spots, national AAAA level scenic spots, National Wetland Park. Here the shoreline
                                              • Xuansu cave

                                                Xuan Su Dong is located in Chibi City summer resort Xuefeng at the foot of the mountain, one kilometer away from the Lushui Lake shore of the red bridge, formerly known as Jing Quandong, is one of the
                                              • Chibi people's Square

                                                Chibi people's Square is located in Chibi City, new city, located on the opposite side of the government building, East Hong Kong Red Horse Road, West to the Lushui Lake Avenue, South sub King Roa
                                              • Xuefeng Mountain

                                                Xuefeng mountain in Hunan shore of the Lushui Lake scenic area land and water, the car along the winding road, about 20 minutes then boarding an elevation of 681 m people summer resort Xuefeng mountai
                                              • Yangloudong of ancient Ming and Qing Dynasties

                                                Located in the urban area 26 kilometers southwest of Yangloudong Town, as the hub of Hunan, Hubei at the junction of the Ming and Qing Dynasties, one of the 6 famous ancient towns in Chibi. "Song Feng
                                              • Chibi City Museum

                                                Chibi City Museum is a local comprehensive history museum, Chibi City, is an important window of spiritual civilization construction. Chibi City Museum was established in December 1958, after the reco
                                              • Chibi City Library

                                                Chibi City library is located in the Ecological District of sand ridge road high iron Chibi North Station District core area, the project in July 2009 started construction. The museum design collectio
                                              • Style Chibi Resort

                                                Style Red Cliff Resort is located in Chibi City 15 kilometers outside the Che Bu Zhen Ma Po Cun, "Fukuyama five", this is a ecological beautiful blessing treasure. Vacation Zone, relying on the "five
                                              • The stars of Zhuhai

                                                Stars in the Bamboo Sea Scenic Area, located in Hubei Xianning Hot Springs, 86 kilometers away from the strategic thoroughfare of nine provinces, Wuhan City, 16 kilometers away from Xianning spa city.

                                              Tourist guide map

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